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French Cinema

We think everyone should be able to access francophone movies.

This is why our cinema sessions are free, and all our films are projected with English subtitles.
No need to register, just turn-up!


Directed by: Eric Besnard

France, 18th Century. The prestige of a noble house depends above all on the quality of its table. At the dawn of the French Revolution, gastronomy still is a prerogative of the aristocrats. When talented cooker Manceron is dismissed by the Duke of Chamfort, he loses the taste for cooking. Back in his country house, his meeting with the mysterious Louise gets him back on his feet. While they both feed a desire of revenge against the Duke, they decide to create the very first restaurant in France.

9th January 2024

7pm - 8:52pm

Alliance Française Cambridge
1 Red Cross Lane - CB2 - OQU

Le Brio

Directed by: Yvan Attal

Neïla Salah grew up in Creteil, and dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Enrolled at the renowned Assas Law School in Paris, on her rst day she runs up against Pierre Mazard, a professor known for his provocative behavior and misconduct. To redeem himself, he agrees to prep Neïla for a prestigious public speaking contest. Cynical and demanding, Pierre might become the mentor she needs... But to do that, both of them will have to rise above their prejudices.

13th February  2024

7pm - 8:35pm

Alliance Française Cambridge
1 Red Cross Lane - CB2 - OQU

Vous ne Désirez que moi (I want to talk about Duras)

Directed by: Claire Simon

A man involved in a passionate relationship with a celebrated writer of 30 years his senior needs to talk. He is fascinated by her and yet he feels he just cannot go on anymore. He opens up, in an attempt to put into words the intensity of his love and he describes it with great clarity.

12th March  2024

7pm - 8:35pm

Alliance Française Cambridge
1 Red Cross Lane - CB2 - OQU

En Corps (Rise)

Directed by: Cédric Klapisch

Élise thought she had the perfect life: an ideal boyfriend and a promising career as a ballet dancer. It all falls apart the day she catches him cheating on her; and after she suffers an injury on stage, it seems like she might not be able to dance again. The path to physical and emotional recovery will lead her away from Paris to a picturesque location in Brittany – where her friends, a new love and the freedom of contemporary dance will help her reconnect with her father and most importantly, herself.

30th April  2024

7pm - 9:00pm

Alliance Française Cambridge
1 Red Cross Lane - CB2 - OQU

Petite Nature (Softie)

Directed by: Theis Samuel

Ten year-old Johnny stands out from his family and his tough neighborhood in Eastern France. He's sensitive, intelligent and interested in all kinds of things way beyond his years. With curiosity, he observes the ups and downs of his young single mother's turbulent love life. Things change when a new teacher, fresh from the big city, takes over Johnny's class. Mr. Adamski believes in Johnny and wants to open a new world to him. The sophisticated young teacher also intrigues the boy.

25th June  2024

7pm - 8:33pm

Alliance Française Cambridge
1 Red Cross Lane - CB2 - OQU

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