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The Alliance Française Cambridge-Norwich offers a vast range of French courses for children in the two cities.
Our native teachers focus on the children's needs to improve their level and make them feel comfortable.

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Jul 2023

I feel much more confident in speaking French. I hope that I can improve as the years go by and learn to have a conversation in French. This year has been really fun with all the games Gaël made for us, thank you!

  •  Under18 student
Jul 2023

I feel much more confident around other people, and I am better at French now. Thanks for making me feel comfortable here.

  •  Under18 student
Jun 2023

“ I have liked the range of different ways of teaching (oral, listening, writing and reading skills). I think this is very helpful to be ready for exams. The grammar every week with self-directed study is helpful for me to master my grammar and make fewer errors in my writings.”

  •  A-level student
Jun 2023

“I really like the individual attention as it allowed me to really see what I was doing wrong. I also really enjoyed the sharing of opinions on a certain subject as it allowed me to practise my speaking skills in ways that are not as common.”

  •  GCSE Student
Jun 2023

“ I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s French lessons, as the teachers are always kind and keen to help you improve in French. They always have your best interest at heart to help you thrive. I also appreciate that as well as teaching formal grammatical French, they also teach you informal day to day language. Merci Alliance Française.”

  •  GCSE Student
Jun 2023

Classes continue to be excellent. They’re challenging but interesting, friendly and fun.

  •  Stefan
Jun 2023

Many thanks for teaching my son a new language and for the enthusiasm and warmth we see when he attends. The appreciation of travel, culture and people is hugely important to how we want to raise our son and you guys are outstanding role models for how my child perceives the wider world.

  •  Simon
Jun 2023

I am enjoying the Tuesday morning class. The varied activities are welcome. There is a lot of opportunity to practise one’s French orally and also to work on one’s comprehension.

  •  Vicki
Jun 2023

Je suis super contente avec les clubs de lecture. Félicitations à toute l’équipe – mais surtout à Gaël …. !

  •  Jane
Jun 2023

The instructor is a true delight – extremely kind, patient, encouraging, energetic, knowledgeable, cheerful, and clear.

  •  Lori
Jun 2023

This is a very interesting, well structured and well balanced course. It exposes us to aspects of French culture and also it improves our knowledge of grammar and syntax. The group is small and friendly. It is exactly the type of course I wanted to follow and I am lucky I found it. I will continue with it.

  •  Eleni
Jun 2023

I like that the homeworks are quite flexible so you can do as much as you can or want, and my teacher is very supportive. I like the layout that mixes the skills of team exercises and reading and practicing together.

  •  Melissa
Jun 2023

The course A1 is brilliant. I really enjoyed it so far. I learnt a lot from it.

  •  Lubos
Jun 2023

My son really struggles to engage with school work. His teacher has understood perfectly how to motivate him using topics and games that he enjoys, and now he tells me that he “can’t wait” for his next French lesson. Thank you Alliance Française.

  •  Harriet
Jun 2023

“What I liked during the French classes was when we learned the vocabulary of animals, food and drinks.”

  •  C. (Under 18 student in Cambridge)
Jun 2023

“ I really enjoy learning French with Jasmine!”

  •  A. (Under 18 student in Cambridge)
Jun 2023

“I have learned a lot during my French classes. Now I understand most of the vocabulary and listening activities. The funniest thing I did this year was to write a story in French.”

  •  J. (Under 18 student in Cambridge)
Jun 2023

“This year I really liked the funny French grammar songs.”

  •  F. (Under 18 student in Cambridge)
Jun 2023

“Interesting discussions where everyone was involved. The conversation was developed well by the facilitator.”

  •  Ian - Attends the Café Français
Jun 2023

“I am very happy to have joined the conversation sessions at the Alliance Française. It was the opportunity to practise the French Language and the level of the people who attend is quite appropriate.”

  •  Carmen - Attends the Café Français
Jun 2023

“An excellent opportunity to speak and learn about French culture. A safe and secure environment in which you can make mistakes and improve !”

  •  Judith - Attends the Café Français
Jun 2023

“The ambiance is excellent and the level high enough to maintain interest. I have learned more French coming here than I could have ever imagined.”

  •  Michael - Attends the Café Français
Feb 2023

I feel like I'm learning a lot, and we do many different activities

  •  P. (Under 18 student in Norwich)
Feb 2023

It's always fun and I love coming and meeting new friends

  •  E. (under 18 student in Norwich)
Feb 2023

I really love my class, we do all sorts of activities that i enjoy

  •  D. (under 18 student in Norwich)
Nov 2022

It is a really great language school, the groups are the right size and the lessons are always well planned and full of various interesting activities. I would strongly recommend AF to anyone interested in learning or improving their French!

  •  Josipa
Oct 2022

Friendly, welcoming ambiance. Absolutely the best teachers to learn French language!

  •  Stephen
Sep 2022

I have attended French classes here on and off for over 5 years and have only great things to say about the Alliance. It will suffice to say that if you live in or around Cambridge, this is the best place for French lessons if you truly want to progress towards fluency.

  •  Leif
May 2022

Well done Alliance Francaise for helping us keep up our French and for providing interesting cultural activities to ensure we keep in touch and don’t stagnate as a result of restrictions caused by Covid. Thank you to all involved!

  •  Tim & Judy
May 2022

I was very impressed with the speed that AF switched to Zoom lessons (much better than most schools I think) and the high quality of tuition provided for Luka over the last year.

  •  Paul
May 2022

Very warm welcome and generosity from Pat and Virginie who enjoy a chat with visitors and are ever-ready to help. I like their film events and the library of French books!

  •  Romaric
May 2022

Je vous remercie et vous félicite d’avoir réussi à nous offrir des classes, séances et activités pendant cette période inattendue et difficile. Elles étaient intéressantes, géniales et stimulantes. Pour moi et j’en suis certaine pour plusieurs, elles étaient un lien vital avec le monde pendant le confinement. Pour ceux qui habitent loin du centre de Cambridge, Zoom nous a offert la possibilité d’assister à des choses différentes, comme Literature in Time et Club de lecture.

  •  Fiona
May 2022

The course I took was very helpful at including all aspects of language learning, including reading, writing, speaking and listening as well as conversational French.

  •  Imi
May 2022

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to do the GCSE French course. My French has improved immensely, especially my speaking, since we had many speaking exercises.

  •  Ola

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