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Official Exam Centre

The Alliance Française de Cambridge is an official examination centre for the French DELF (Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française – Diploma in French Language Study) awarded by the French Ministry of Education. The DELF diploma is internationally recognised, and is valid for life. We also organise sessions for the TEF Certification (Test d’Evaluation de Français), awarded by the Paris Ile-de-France CCI.

For any further details, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 01223 561 854.







Great news, I achieved a B1 and can now apply for my French nationality! My husband and children have dual nationality and soon I will too. The whole process leading up to my TEF IRN exam at the Alliance Francaise Cambridge was an absolute pleasure. I experienced prompt and friendly email communication as well as a simple booking process. Added bonuses were the onsite free parking, a relaxing environment, easy to use equipment and of course a smiley examiner. 

─ Joelle
     TEF IRN

If you want your TEF IRN exam to be stress free then sit it in Cambridge! Communication prior to the exam was excellent and once there we found a beautiful venue with ample parking. The team were friendly and supportive and I felt at ease through the whole exam. I absolutely recommend it.

─ Penny
     TEF IRN

I chose to do the TEF exam with Alliance Francaise in Cambridge because, firstly, I needed to do one of the recognised examinations for the purpose of French citizenship, and secondly the location was considerably more convenient than going to London.  A tentative email solicited a friendly response, and subsequent questions were answered assiduously and promptly.  It was a great experience for what is (should be!) a one-off event.  They organised a sitting within two weeks when they had requests from two people for the exam - this is a great service, especially compared with the alternative in London which actually cancelled a convenient exam time to merge two sittings into one which then became full.  On the day the other candidate and I were well looked after with incredibly friendly staffI am happy to recommend them.

─ Simon
     TEF IRN

I sat my IRN TEF exam last Friday at the Alliance Francaise Exam Centre in Cambridge, and am very pleased that only four days later I received an email to confirm that I had passed with a level B1.  This means that I can now apply for French nationality, as I am planning to spend more time in France in my retirement.  My husband is French and my children have dual nationality, so by taking the TEF, I too can now have dual nationality and not be bound by how many days I can spend in France.  I believe I was the first candidate to sit the new exam format in Cambridge, but it was relatively straight forward.  After having watched a few suggested tutorials and practised with the app ‘Francais 3.0,’ I felt familiar with the types of tasks I would be asked to do.  The staff at Alliance Francaise were really welcoming and supportive which helped me feel at ease, as I hadn’t sat an exam for many years.  I was therefore relieved to have passed, and look forward to embracing my new nationality very soon.

─ Rachel
     TEF IRN

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