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TCF exam

(Test de Connaissance du Français)

Test de connaissance du français is an exam that assesses a non-native French speaker’s French language abilities.

The TCF is used for French language immigration and citizenship requirements in places such as France, Canada or Québec, and for job applications or for personal use.

For more information about the TCF diploma, visit the France Éducation International website.

You can find our article published on their website here to know more about our Exam Center. 

If you are interested in an exam session but do not see a suitable date available, please contact us. It might be possible to open a session depending on the demand. 

This exam takes place on-site at the Alliance Française and the results are available after a period of two months.

Cancellations after the final registration date will not be refunded in full or in part.  

Cancellations no later than one day 
before the registration deadline must be given in writing and are subject to a £50 cancellation fee. 

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The TCF Intégration Résidence Nationalité is aimed at all foreign nationals over 16 years old who want to confirm their level of French in order to:

  • apply for French nationality;
  • apply for a long-term residence permit;
  • validate A1 level as part of the OFII citizenship process.

   Reading 20 questions (20 minutes)
Listening 20 questions (15 minutes)
Writing 3 topics to cover (30 minutes)
 Speaking 3 topics to cover
            (10 minutes)


The TCF tout public is the language level test set by the French Ministry for National Education, Young People and Sports.
It assesses general French language skills for those whose first language is not French.

   Reading 29 multiple choice questions
            (45 minutes)
Grammar 18 multiple choice questions
          (15 minutes)
Listening 29 multiple choice questions
           (25 minutes)
Writing 3 topics to cover (60 minutes)
 Speaking 3 topics to cover
            (14 minutes)  

TCF Canada

TCF Canada is intended for anyone 16 years of age or over, regardless of their nationality or native tongue, needing to certify their level of French as part of the procedures for economic immigration to Canada or for obtaining Canadian citizenship
Therefore, the applicant must file a case with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

   Reading 39 multiple choice questions              (60 minutes)
Listening 39 multiple choice questions            (35 minutes)
Writing 3 exercises (60 minutes)
 Speaking 3 topics to cover
            (14 minutes)

TCF Québec

The TCF Québec is a French proficiency exam that is intended for people who are applying for immigration to Québec, to ensure that the person meets the standards of the Ministry for Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI).

   Reading 29 multiple choice questions
            (45 minutes)
Listening 29 multiple choice questions
           (25 minutes)
Writing 3 exercises
           (60 minutes)
 Speaking 3 topics to cover
            (12 minutes)

How to get ready for the exam?

 Resources  Resources

How to get there

   1 Red Cross Lane, CB2 0QU Cambridge
 Parking on-site

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact our Exam Team at

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