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Candidate Declaration


1. I understand that the fee is non refundable and cannot be transferred to a future examination session.

2. I confirm that my name and details are exact/correctly spelt, as they appear on my passport.

3. I agree to collect and sign for any “attestation de réussite” and diploma awarded to me at the examination centre and within two weeks of notification. No certificate/diploma will be sent directly to candidates by post.

4. I agree to inform the examination centre in writing should my address/email change during the examination period (from enrolment to the arrival of diplomas up to 6 months later).

5. I understand that oral examinations may take place early in the day/late in the evening, and that there may be a long gap between my oral and my written examination. I understand that my oral examination may be on a different day to my written examination.

6. I understand that my oral examination may be recorded.

7. I understand that exam dates may be subject to alterations or cancellation in cases of force majeure.    

8. I understand that diplomas may not be reprinted unless to amend an error on the original document. In case of loss or damage, a duplicate may be ordered. Any diploma reprint (either to correct an error in details or to provide a duplicate in case of loss/damage) will incur a fee of £25 per diploma. Please note reprinted/duplicated diplomas may take up to 12 weeks to arrive; they must be collected in person by the candidate against official proof of identity.

9. Should I find themselves unable to collect their diploma, I may write a letter of proxy authorising a third party to collect my documents on my behalf. The letter must be manually signed and bear my name, the name of the person collecting my document, the name of the examination and document, and the date. The third party will bring the printed letter, their own passport or photo driving licence, and a photocopy of the candidate’s ID. A proxy letter template is available here.

10. For candidates under the age of 18, the responsibility of all of the above falls on their parents or legal guardians. DELF Prim candidates and all candidates under the age of 16 are required to be accompanied by an adult (parent, teacher or guardian) at all times when at the examination centre in between examinations. The responsibility of the child remains with the parent / guardian / teacher. The examination centre cannot accept unaccompanied candidates under the age of 16.

11. Parents or guardians of a minor wishing to collect their certificates / diplomas will need to bring their own ID and their child’s ID when collecting the documents.

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