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Literature in Time n°15 - Victor Hugo

To join our next literary session, follow the information below.

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Step 2: Read the texts we have selected. You can find it by clicking here :

Texte n°1 – Stella

Texte n°2 – Ruy Blas, Acte III, scène 2

Texte n°3 – Les Misérables – extrait

Step 3 : Once you have registered, you should receive your zoom link by mail, and will be able to join the session on the 22nd of June, at 5:00pm.

22 June 2021
5:00 pm
£8 (for membres) - £10 (for non membres)
Creative Writing with Camille Berta

Join us for our creative writing in French workshop! Use your imagination and unleash your literary potential in a warm and friendly environment!

This session lasts one hour and a half, for more information, right us at info.alliance.cam@gmail.com

Write us an email to register!


30 June 2021
5:00 pm
Book Club n°7 - Pour un oui ou pour un non - Nathalie Sarraute

Pour un oui ou pour un non” is a play written by Nathalie Sarraute in 1981. The core of the synopsis is a futile -yet of great importance- argument between two friends, about a single sentence, pronounced before the begining of the play : “C’est bien, ça”. The tone, the intention behind it and the circomstances are meticulously analysed, giving us a clear impression of the unspeakable nature of language.

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5 July 2021
4:00 pm
£8 (for membres) - £10 (for non membres)
AGM 2021

Join our Annual General Meeting, open to members and non-members!

Raise a glass with us, from home!

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9 July 2021
6:00 pm
Online Quiz - Défi Inter-Alliances - 1st step

This online quiz will involve answering various questions about French Culture, if you are older than 16 years old and attending at least level B1 courses, you are most welcome to participate!

Write us an email to register! it’s free, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to win.

If you are among the two best candidates, you will face the national finale, and ultimately the international one. There will be numerous prizes along the way, including a 2 weeks-long vacation in Rouen, Normandy!


10 July 2021
3:00 pm


July 2020

I enjoyed the talk on Friday given by Nicolas.  All praise to him for delivering it in such good English.


July 2020

Je voulais juste dire que moi aussi j’ai aimé ces petits amuse-bouche de la littérature française donnés au cours du book club en ligne pendant le confinement. C’était d’autant plus agréable que je pouvais y accéder de ma ville à 40 km de Cambridge! Merci Gaël pour vos explications sur les auteurs et les textes.


July 2020

Merci d’avoir mis en place le Book Club en ligne.  Je trouve que nos séances ont été réussies même chez Zoom, tout le monde a eu l’occasion de participer, même plus peut-être que dans notre situation normale. Le choix de courts morceaux – contes, poèmes – a donné la possibilité de beaucoup de variété dans la même heure, la discussion n’a pas tari, et merci à Gaël de nous avoir fourni tant de mises en scène.


July 2020

I have been happy with all the teachers we have had and all the subject matter – bottom line for me is that it is French and there is always something to learnI am also very much enjoying the Club de Lecture never having been able before Covid to attend.Gael is very ‘sympa ‘ and knowledgable.


July 2020

Je suis super-contente avec les clubs de lecture.  Félicitations à toute l’équipe – mais  surtout à Gaël …. !