Our library is the ideal place to widen your cultural French and learn some interesting vocabulary on the way! With more than 2000 items: fiction, nonfiction, comics, books for children and young adults, DVDs and music, there is something for everybody. The library is open to all, but only members or students of the Alliance can borrow books.

Library Policies

Our Rules!

To borrow items from the library you need to be either a student or a member of the Alliance Française.
You can borrow for a maximum of four weeks, up to:

1. 4 Adult books
2. 4 Childrens books
3. 4 CDs
4. For DVDs : You can borrow 1 DVD for 2 weeks.

How to access these:

Please make an appointment with us to access the library by emailing us at info.alliance.cam@gmail.com or call us on 01223 561854.

How to renew an item:

• Get in touch with the Alliance and simply ask for an extension and we will do our best to grant you one!F.

Late return policy:

• We count on our library users to respect the return deadline so everyone can enjoy the contents of our amazing library!

What happens if I damage or lose my borrowed item?

• You are responsible for the items you borrow. We ask that you return items in the same condition as when you borrowed them. If borrowed items are damaged or lost, we ask that you purchase a new copy for the library. If you can’t purchase a new copy, we will charge a £30 replacement fee. Borrowing privileges are suspended if you have an outstanding fee of £10 or more.

Thank you for adhering to these policies that help us to insure that all members have equal access to the collection.