Delf-Dalf French Diploma


The DELF Pro is the professional version of the DELF national qualifications in French as a Foreign Language, administered by the French Ministry of Education.

The DELF Pro is designed for candidates seeking initial employment opportunities or promotion within a French-speaking work environment. All candidates are welcome to apply, whether in initial training or continuing education.

The DELF Pro assesses the communication skills needed for all aspects of professional life today. The examination topics are based on the world of work.

The DELF Pro comprises 4 self-standing qualifications (A1-A2-B1-B2), corresponding to the first four levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). There are no entry requirements: candidates can take the examination at the level of their choosing.

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A1: Introductory level (elementary user)
A2: Intermediate level (elementary user)

B1: Threshold level (independent user)
B2: Vantage level (independent user)

C1: Autonomy level (experienced user)
C2: Mastery level (experienced user)
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The Alliance Française de Cambridge is an official examination centre which gives you the opportunity to obtain the official French diplomas DELF and DALF awarded by the French Ministry of Education. Since 2005, the DELF and the DALF certificates have been harmonized with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages from the Council of Europe. They are internationally recognized for both professional applications and university studies.

The DELF/DALF exams are made up of 6 independent diplomas, corresponding to the 6 levels of the European Framework of languages (CEFRL):

Candidates can register directly for the exam of their choice. For each exam, 4 skills are evaluated: listening, writing, speaking and reading. The Alliance Française de Cambridge provides weekly courses which are highly suitable to help you improve your level of French and consolidate your knowledge before taking a DELF/DALF exam.

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