Take your career to the next level!

As an international business in one of the United Kingdom’s most diverse cities, we understand the necessity to be multilingual in today’s interconnected world.

Our French training program enables you to offer a stimulating and rewarding activity to your employees as part of your wellbeing strategy.

Our offer:
  • Everyday French courses

Thanks to this program, you will improve your conversational French and general communication.

  • Standard professional French

These courses will enable you maximise your opportunity to excel in the world of international business.

  • French for specific professional purposes

This program will help you develop your knowledge of specific business thematic terminology.

We understand that company time is money. That is why we are as flexible as possible to ensure you and your company get the best from our courses.

Our tailor-made program will allow you to achieve your own personal goals

Our lessons are catered specifically for you. We are able to cater to any specific individual situation to fit your budget and your specific goals, whatever they may be:

  • Being confident taking part in a French conversation
  • Feel comfortable interacting with Francophone countries all over the world
  • Negotiate a contract in French effectively
  • Improve your sales skills
  • Excel in an ever growing international business world
  • Prepare for a successful relocation to a French-speaking country
  • Prepare for the DELF-DALF PRO French diploma
  • Become an expert in French

For each of our programs, you can choose between private tuition or group training.

Private Tuition
  • Online
  • Affordable prices and no hidden costs
  • Flexibility
  • From one-to-one to five-to-one tuition
  • Assessment and progression report to keep you updated on where you need to improve
  • Access to the right tools to reach your objectives
  • 10% discount and free textbook for up to 30 hours booked for the same student
  • Final evaluation to confirm your objectives have been reached
  • Possibility to choose more than one teacher (for greater variety, pronunciation, accent…)
  • Our business’s local expertise will give you an opportunity to discuss international topics
Group Training
  • Online
  • Affordable prices and no hidden cost
  • Flexibility
  • Group sessions from 6 to more than 50 people
  • From 45 to 90 minutes
  • Tailor-made tuition
  • Access to the tools and capabilities you need in order to succeed
  • 10% discount and a free textbook for up to 30 weeks booked for the same student
  • Improve your French vocabulary and grammar by taking part of our French conversation classes

For any further details, please contact us, by e-mail at or by phone at 01223 561 854.


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