Talk: Let’s talk about the sense of symptoms

A talk by Iro Zoubopoulou

Date :   Saturday 24th March 2018

Time :  From 2pm to 3pm

Venue: Alliance Française Cambridge, 60 Hills Road

Price :  Free – First arrived, first served

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Talk conducted in English

The presentation is concerned with the sense of symptom from both a Freudian and a Lacanian perspective. In psychoanalytical teaching, there are various ways to approach the psychic symptom. In the first section of the presentation we choose to explore the Freudian heritage of the symptom by describing the unconscious mechanisms from which the symptom is engendered, namely “repression” and “fantasy”. To achieve this, a brief account is given on the general framework of the psychic world, the conscious and the unconscious, as well as the role of infantile sexuality. The first section concludes with the presentation of two famous clinical case studies, which shed light to the theoretical structure of symptom. The second section investigates how Lacanian orientation conceives the sense of the symptom, building upon Freudian theory. More precisely, it focuses on the part of “jouissance”, which exists in the symptom and its impact in the psychoanalytic cure.

The audience will be given the chance to explore the world of psychoanalysis and obtain an introduction to the sense of principal psychoanalytical notions. The psychoanalytic theory will be combined with clinical cases, so as to achieve a good level of comprehension to a discipline that is not so well-known but is so much needed.

Iro Zoubopoulou (b. 1982) is a psychoanalyst of Lacanian orientation. She is a graduate of the Department of Social Administration and Political Science of the Democritus University of Thrace-Greece, with a major in Social Work (’04). After graduation, she worked for two years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece as a field worker, dealing with the integration problems of the Muslim minority. Following that she started working in community clinics with chronically mentally ill patients. Between 2007 and 2014 she worked as a full-time therapist at the National Organisation Against Drugs (OKANA), treating drug addicts, gaining a wealth of experience in clinical cases. Since 2008, Iro attends the Section Clinique d’ Athènes, being an active member of the Lacanian School of Athens. She has presented clinical cases in one-day conferences and cartels and has translated a number of articles. Since 2014 Iro maintains her private practice. She is under analysis since 2008. She speaks French, English and Greek. From 2016 she is living in the UK where she has just completed her master’s degree in psychoanalysis.