Talk for the passionate of Ian Flemming


James Bond fans are legion on both sides of the Channel, however most are unaware of the crucial role France played in Ian Fleming’s life. Moreover, thousands of French references are identifiable in much of his work, and it is no coincidence that numerous Bond girls have been played by French actresses.

Pierre-Olivier Lombarteix is a French lecturer, specialist in the English speaking world. He is a big fan of the spy novel genre and in particular anything featuring James Bond, being the author  of La France de Fleming. This upcoming  Talk aims to give an alternative vision of  Flemings cinematic and fiction works exploring the many references to France and French culture.


📌 Saturday 4th April 2020


🌍 L’Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road CB2 1LA

💷  FREE – no booking required – limited seats available, arrive early!


☎️ Contact: Contact us through that form, by e-mail at  or call us at +44 (0)1223 561854

📌 Venue: Alliance Française de Cambridge, 60 Hills Road, CB2 1LA at 6pm