Movie screening: Le Silence de la Mer

Date:    Friday 16th June 2017
Time:   6pm
Place:   Alliance Française Cambridge, 60 Hills Road, CB2 1LA
Price:   Free – Event for AF members only

Released on 2001
Director:  Jean-Pierre Melville
Stars:       Michel Galabru, Marie Bunel, Julie Delarme
Genre:    Drama


In a small town in the West of France, during the German Occupation, a room is requisitioned by a Wehrmacht captain, Werner von Ebrennac. The house where he now stays is inhabited by young Jeanne, who makes a living by giving piano lessons, and by her grandfather. Quite upset, the two “hosts” decide to resist the occupier by never speaking a word to him. Now Werner is a lover of France and its culture, and he tries to persuade them that a rapprochement between Germany and France would be beneficial for the two nations. Quite unexpectedly Jeanne, little by little, falls in love with Werner. At the same time, the francophile officer loses his illusions, realizing at last that what Nazi Germany actually wants is to thrall France and to stifle its culture…