Free coaching – Limited places – Booking required


Get ready for your exams through Coaching.
An exceptional workshop at the Alliance Française led by Carole Douillot, success study coach. 

Date:     Saturday 22nd April 2017 
Time:     1.302.30pm 
Prices:   Free of Charge 
Venue:  Alliance Française Cambridge, 60 Hills Road 

Coaching means “empowering students to find their own coping strategies ”. 
The coaching approach is very efficient for preparing and succeeding in exams by: 

  • Understanding where procrastination comes from 

  • Finding your ways to manage stress, anxiety or lack of motivation before and during exams 

  • Working on your strengths and ditching the bad study habits 

  • Changing your mindset 

During this hands-on, activity based workshop, the participants will learn strategies and gain tips which will ensure raised motivation and determination to succeed. 
After the workshop, participants will feel more prepared and confident during the whole exam period. 

Carole Douillot is transformational coach specialised in youth and study success coaching with over 15 years experience as a French Teacher and Progress Coach at renown Sixth Form Colleges 

Booking requiredat or 01223 561 854 (limited seats on first come first served basis)