Talk: Neck, Shoulders and Back – The end of pain


Modern life has created new pandemics under the names of stress, chronic back pain, weight gain and chronic fatigue. Most of these symptoms have found their source in the same region of the body “the core” where the name itself indicates it is the most important and fundamental part of the human body; even having synonym words such as key, basic, fundamental, elemental, principal, primary, main, chief, crucial, vital, essential, and number-one to describe its purpose.
As the central component of the body, your “Core” group muscles are the centre of your strength, the essence of your movements and the beginning of your health. Not only is the core the central element of the body but it also represents the hub where the most vital organs are safeguarded.
Neck, shoulders & back tensions/pains are the results of sedentary life; a lack of or restricted range of motion throughout the week, over a period of months and years, have forced the body to adapt into an unnatural and uncomfortable, even painful, positions.
The Cambridge Alliance Française is holding a free one-off 1 hour seminar where you will discover how to naturally release nagging shoulder pain, how to reduce omnipresent soreness with practical and easy to implement movements. Cambridge Core Strength specialist, Karim Niangane, will offer you advice and guidance that will help prevent, reduce and/or relieve the causes of some of your pains and symptoms by teaching you how to train your body to reach the next level of your mental fitness and freedom of movement.


📌 Wednesday 5 February 2020

 12.30 to 1.30pm

🌍 L’Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road CB2 1LA

💷 FREE – Booking required: click here – limited seats available