Cours Intensifs


Date: From Monday 23rd July to Friday 10th August 2018
Times: 10am to 1pm  or  6pm to 9pm
Price: £360
Venue: Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road, CB2 1LA


Boost your confidence, learn French with us! We have designed our Summer Intensive Class to suit your needs. Our program will support your learning journey and help you to improve gradually within a short time frame.


Breakthrough (Level A1 Discovery):

By the end of the program you will be able to greet people, use numbers and successfully communicate in a simple way with French speakers.

During each teaching session you will create a piece of written work or practice an oral task designed to help you build your communication skills and apply your growing linguistic toolkit (vocabulary, grammar and phonetics).

Refresher : Level Intermediate

Our Summer Intensive Class has been designed to suit your needs. Our Intermediate Program is tailored to support your learning journey and help you to gradually regain confidence within a short time.

Our French Intensive Course for Intermediate level  is focused on developing your oral skills, boosting your fluency when interacting with other people and discussing topics related to culture in general, specifically to your environment and current affairs. During the course you will also be given the opportunity to make a short presentation on a topic of your choice.


L’Alliance Française Cambridge is the  official centre for French language and Francophone culture. Our long and effective experience in teaching language will help you to achieve optimum results in the shortest time.

For any further details, please contact us, by e-mail at or by phone at 01223 561 854

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Date: From Tuesday 28th to Friday 31st August 2018
Times: 10am to 1pm
Price: £300
Venue: Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road, CB2 1LA


Get your French in top gear before you go back to school!
In response to demand we’re holding a one week intensive GCSE class. Our teaching model prepares you for a brilliant start to the year.

These classes are designed to help you improve your skills by focusing on specific points that will make that vital difference on exam and mock exam day.

Everyone’s educational journey is different. At L’alliance we meet with every student and discuss their aims, ambitions, struggles and strengths in order to map a personal route to doing your best.


Activities: This class is ideal for revision, boosting your confidence and polishing your ability to communicate accurately and authentically. Perfect for teens, the program immerses you in culture and conversation as you revise and strengthen your speaking, written and comprehension skills.

A centre of excellence at the heart of the community,  L’Alliance Francaise Cambridge has trained thousands of students for success in French.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us here, by email at or call us on 01223 561 854