Why l’Alliance Française?

Why l'alliance Française


L’Alliance Française, as one of the official centres for French language and culture in the UK, offers excellent courses for busy people who need to learn or improve fast.

Throughout the UK, a wide network of Alliances françaises and Instituts Français bring the very best of French language and culture to your very own doorstep.

From French courses to cultural events and cross-cultural collaborations, this network of 10 Alliances françaises (non-profit making organisations) and Instituts Français (French government centres) can make you feel as though France is just around the corner. So whether you’re stuck for words after “Bonjour,” want to discover the latest French cinema treats, or tick a few French classics off your “to read” list, we will extend our warmest French welcome and show you around your local French language centre, library, or cultural venue. Each year, thousands of people are attracted by the quality of our service, so why not give us a go?

The Alliance Française de Cambridge offers specialised tuition in French for Business, designed to help participants to further develop their French communication skills in a business environment.

Alliance Française de Cambridge organises tailor-made language programmes for its corporate clients throughout the year following an initial free assessment.

  • Individually designed tuition programme to suit you or your company’s objectives;
  • Individual or group tuition;
  • Flexibility of time and location (at the Alliance or in-house);
  • Possibility of cancellation up to 24 hours in advance;
  • Free Alliance Française annual membership for every participant giving access to our Resource Centre (books and DVDs)

Your contact

Patricia Dalby by e-mail director.alliance.cam@gmail.com / Tel: +44 (0)1223 561854


Business Courses


One-to-One for Business


Ideal for people who need tailor-made tuition in order to maximize their business opportunities.
We know company time is money and we are here to be as flexible as possible to enable you to realise your full potential.


At the Alliance Française:

  • General French courses: £50/h
  • Bespoke French courses: £55/h

At workplace (within Cambridge):

  • General French courses: £55/h
  • Bespoke French courses: £60/h

Monday to Friday – Minimum booking 15 hours tuition (but 30 hours is recommended for optimal progress).

  • French at breakfast time, lunch time or anytime to suit you.
  • A report is produced every 30 hours by your tutor to ensure proper progress monitoring. A final evaluation is conducted to confirm objectives have been reached.
  • We offer 5% discount and free textbook for up to 30 hours booked for the same student.
  • You may choose to have more than one teacher (for greater variety, pronunciation, accent…).

Group Classes for Business


Ideal for groups of people who wish to improve their general communication skills in French.
Monday to Friday – Minimum booking 15 hours tuition (but 30 hours is recommended for optimal progress).

Prices per group (up to 8 persons)

At the Alliance Française:

  • General French courses: £50/h
  • Bespoke French courses: £55/h

At workplace (within Cambridge):

  • General French courses: £55/h
  • Bespoke French courses: £60/h

French at breakfast time, lunch time or anytime to suit you.

  • Courses are given for groups of up to 8 persons with the same linguistic level.
  • From 45 to 90 minutes in-house or at the Alliance Française.
  • We offer 5% discount and free textbook for up to 30 hours booked for the same student.
  • You may choose to have more than one teacher (for greater variety, pronunciation, accent…).

L’Alliance Française Cambridge vous propose ses services de traduction et d’interprétariat et vous met directement en relation avec des professionels certifiés tels que First Edition Translation, en s’adaptant à vos besoins.

Transposer un diplôme anglais pour travailler en France? Traduire un article français pour le publier en Angleterre? Nos experts sauront répondre à votre demande.

Diplômes ■ Publicités ■ Documents professionnels ■ Documents littéraires ■ Articles spécialisés ■ Sites Internet ■ etc.

Notre partenaire Expressum traduira vos articles scientifiques ou artistiques avec la plus grande expertise.


The Alliance Française de Cambridge has celebrated its 35th anniversary

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Sponsored by Marshall Aerospace Ltd


On 19th October 2012, The Alliance Française de Cambridge celebrated its 30th Anniversary in the company of His Excellency, Monsieur Bernard Emié, the French Ambassador to the United Kingdom, and the Mayor of Cambridge, Councillor Sheila Stuart. This formal event was invitation only, at the Alliance Française premises on Hills Road in Cambridge. Generously sponsored by Marshall Aerospace et celebrated the importance and pleasure of language learning in a multicultural society.

It is becoming more and more important for companies in the UK to explore opportunities Internationally. More than 100 million people around the world use French in their daily lives including fast-growing markets in Africa and South East Asia. While learning a second language is becoming more popular in Britain, there still seems to be some resistance. Many professionals believe that they are too old to learn a language or they don’t have the time, or just don’t have the language skills. In its 30 years in Cambridge the Alliance Française has been continuously developing and redesigning its courses to ensure that a second language can be learned successfully by everyone.

The Mayor of Cambridge, Councillor Sheila Stuart commented: “I am delighted to be a part of the Alliance Française’s 30th Anniversary celebration. I think it is becoming increasingly important to encourage language learning whatever your age or background. We already have a blooming business and science industry in Cambridge, but speaking more than one language certainly opens more doors for business”.

Working with companies such as Andros, Biochrom, Mott MacDonald, Spicers and others, the Alliance Française ensures that the individual needs of professionals are carefully met. 45min early morning and lunchtime courses to fit individual schedules are just one example of the flexible, imaginative approach to language teaching that is the hallmark of the Alliance Française.

“In a diverse city such as Cambridge with business flourishing, and doors opening internationally, it is becoming vital for professionals to be able to communicate in at least one foreign language. A second language not only gives you an edge, but boosts confidence as well”, says Damien Tunnacliffe from the Alliance Française. “We believe that language development is important and can really help anyone expand their horizons. We are committed to raising awareness of the benefits of learning languages, not only French, but any language.”

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Plus d’informations concernant les diplômes DELF DALF

Prochaines sessions :


Le DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) et le DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) sont les diplômes officiels délivrés par le Ministère Français de l’Éducation Nationale, pour certifier les compétences en français des candidats étrangers. Les diplômes DELF-DALF sont reconnus dans le monde entier et sont valides toute votre vie !

Les DELF-DALF se composent de 6 diplômes indépendants, correspondant aux 6 niveaux du Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour les Langues (CECRL) :

  • A1 : niveau introductif (utilisateur élémentaire)
  • A2 : niveau intermédiaire (utilisateur élémentaire)
  • B1 : niveau seuil (utilisateur indépendant)
  • B2 : niveau avancé/indépendant (utilisateur indépendant)
  • C1 : niveau autonome (utilisateur expérimenté)
  • C2 : niveau maîtrise (utilisateur expérimenté)


Pour vous entraînez à votre examen cliquez ici

logos DELF DALF site


Les candidats peuvent s’inscrire directement à l’examen de leur choix. Pour chaque examen, les 4 compétences sont évaluées: compréhensions orale et écrite, productions orale et écrite. L’Alliance Française de Cambridge propose des classes de groupe préparant à l’examen.



Tarifs: À partir de £70

Centre de passation: Alliance Française de Cambridge, 60 Hills Road, CB2 1LA – 01223 561 854

Faites quelque chose de spécial aujourd’hui ! Devenez membre de l’Alliance

L’Alliance Française joue un rôle décisif et actif dans la promotion et la diffusion de la langue française et des cultures francophones.

En tant qu’association, elle ne reçoit aucune aide de fonds publics et est entièrement autonome financièrement. Si vous aimez ce que nous faisons et souhaitez soutenir notre action, pourquoi ne pas devenir membre de notre alliance ?


  • Pour les cours et les activités culturelles, l’adhésion individuelle complète est valable un an et coûte £50. Vous pouvez également choisir de devenir membre de l’Alliance en tant que couple, ce qui vous reviendra à £60.
  • Pour les activités culturelles seules, l’adhésion individuelle complète est valable un an et coûte £25. Le prix est de £30 pour une adhésion en couple.

Des membres privilégiés: 

  • Nous vous proposons des tarifs réduits sur nos cours et nos activités culturelles.
  • Vous devenez automatiquement membre de notre excellent club de lecture.
  • Vous pouvez emprunter gratuitement des livres et DVD de notre collection.
  • Vous recevez notre newsletter par email tous les mois.
  • Vous bénéficiez de tarifs privilégiés chez nos partenaires.

Nos partenaires privilégiés : 

Grâce à votre fidélité et votre soutien, nous pourrons continuer à mieux vous servir et à promouvoir la Francophilie !

Pour devenir membre, contactez nous  via le formulaire ci-dessous, par e-mail à info.alliance.cam@gmail.com, par téléphone au 01223561854 ou passez nous voir à l’Alliance.

Merci beaucoup!