Cambridge Science Festival 2018

A talk by Iro Zoubopoulou

Date: Saturday 24th March 2018

Time: 2pm – 3pm

Venue: Alliance Française Cambridge

Price: Free – No booking required, come early!

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Talk conducted in English

The presentation is concerned with the sense of symptom from both a Freudian and a Lacanian perspective.

The audience will be given the chance to explore the world of psychoanalysis and obtain an introduction to the sense of principal psychoanalytical notions. The psychoanalytic theory will be combined with clinical cases, so as to achieve a good level of comprehension to a discipline that is not so well-known but is so much needed.

Iro Zoubopoulou (b. 1982) is a psychoanalyst of Lacanian orientation. She is a graduate of the Department of Social Administration and Political Science of the Democritus University of Thrace-Greece, with a major in Social Work (’04).

 A talk by Nizar Romdan

 Date :   Sunday 25th March 2018

Time :  From 2pm to 3pm

Venue: Alliance Française Cambridge, 60 Hills Road

Price :  Free – First arrived, first served

More information about Cambridge Science Festival here

Talk conducted in English

Ever since humans existed they sensed the world “as is” but their imagination kept inventing fictional worlds that they dreamed to be transported into. The emergence of Virtual and Augmented Reality is gradually turning that imagination into reality. What are these new technologies and how do they work? How much can they deliver towards such vision? And can we one day find it hard to distinguish between what is real and what is not? Or are we already in the Matrix?

Nizar Romdan is the CEO and co-founder of Virtual Arts Limited, a startup in Cambridge, UK, specialising in developing Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality content and tech. Nizar is a veteran in the mobile graphics industry and was the worldwide director of Ecosystem at ARM for more than 7 years where he lead a worldwide team that worked with mobile so they make the best use of the ARM processors.

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