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Documentary in French – with English subtitles        

Fini de Rire
Documentary in French – with English subtitles
Director:         Olivier Malvoisin
Genre:                 Documentary
Release date: 2013

Olivier Malvoisin followed this advice from French cartoonist Plantu, and, via his film, reveals the working conditions of these artists who are on the frontline of 21st century political and societal upheaval. 

With: Jeff Danziger (USA), Jean Plantu (France, co-créateur de Cartooning for peace en 2006), Rainer Hachfeld (Allemagne), Pierre Kroll (Belgique), Khalil Abu Arafeh (Palestine), Nadia Khiari (Tunisie), Kianoush (Iran), Avi Katz (Israël), Michel Kichka (France), Daryl Cagle (USA), Ann Telnaes (USA), Aurel (France) 

Un caricaturiste, peut-il tout dessiner?  Y a-t-il auto-censure? Displaying