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Date:      Saturday 15st February 2020

Time:     7pm

Venue:  Cambridge Junction, Clifton Waym CB1 7GX – Box office 01223 511511


Come enjoy French cinema at the Alliance Française Cambridge!


French drama set in the 1950s following a young woman who is kept firmly in check by her father. However, another opportunity presents itself. She makes the acquaintance of a manager called Louis Echard. Impressed by her natural abilities at the keyboard, Louis appoints himself her trainer for a speed typing competition.

 Friday 7th February 2020


🌍 L’Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road CB2 1LA

💷 FREE – no booking required – limited seats available, arrive early!

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A talk – illustrated with photos and images of original artwork – about aspects of the history, the landscape and the people of this rugged Auvergne départment and how the speakers became increasingly enchanted with it after setting up a second home in a small hamlet near Yssingeaux. Compared with other parts of France, this corner of La France Profonde tends to be less well known, even to many French people. Mention will be made of the 13th century convent initially abandoned to wolves but which later became a major abbey (despite the Mother Superior who became a gangster’s moll!), of the remarkable women known as Béates who lived alone in remote rural communities instructing the young and looking after the old from the 17th to the 20th century, of the strange beast that so terrorized the population in the 18th century that Louis XV had to send his best hunters to track it down, and of the courage of local people who hid refugees from the Nazis during World War II and became France’s most formidable resistance group.

Martin has written about these and other stories, including the experiences of his family in getting to know the local culture, in a book of narrative verse: Song of France – Ode to the Haute-Loire. Published last year, this is illustrated by his wife who is a professional artist (see Copies of the book will be available at the talk.

📌 Saturday 15th January 2020

 3 to 4pm

🌍 L’Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road CB2 1LA

💷 FREE – no booking required – limited seats available, arrive early!




Modern life has created new pandemics under the names of stress, chronic back pain, weight gain and chronic fatigue. Most of these symptoms have found their source in the same region of the body “the core” where the name itself indicates it is the most important and fundamental part of the human body; even having synonym words such as key, basic, fundamental, elemental, principal, primary, main, chief, crucial, vital, essential, and number-one to describe its purpose.
As the central component of the body, your “Core” group muscles are the centre of your strength, the essence of your movements and the beginning of your health. Not only is the core the central element of the body but it also represents the hub where the most vital organs are safeguarded.
Neck, shoulders & back tensions/pains are the results of sedentary life; a lack of or restricted range of motion throughout the week, over a period of months and years, have forced the body to adapt into an unnatural and uncomfortable, even painful, positions.
The Cambridge Alliance Française is holding a free one-off 1 hour seminar where you will discover how to naturally release nagging shoulder pain, how to reduce omnipresent soreness with practical and easy to implement movements. Cambridge Core Strength specialist, Karim Niangane, will offer you advice and guidance that will help prevent, reduce and/or relieve the causes of some of your pains and symptoms by teaching you how to train your body to reach the next level of your mental fitness and freedom of movement.


📌 Wednesday 5 February 2020

 12.30 to 1.30pm

🌍 L’Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road CB2 1LA

💷 FREE – Booking required : click here – limited seats available

Come enjoy French cinema at the Alliance Française Cambridge!


A French public servant from Provence is banished to the far North. Strongly prejudiced against this cold and inhospitable place, he leaves his family behind to relocate temporarily there, with the firm intent to quickly come back.

📌 Friday 6th December 2019


🌍 L’Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road CB2 1LA

💷 FREE – no booking required – limited seats available, arrive early!

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The Alliance Française Cambridge is proud to host a Charity Movie Night to help Cambridge Street Aid.
Come along to watch Hiver ’44 l’Abbé Pierre, a striking French movie about Abbé Pierre’s struggle to provide shelter and dignity to the homeless in France.
The screening is free, but donations to Cambridge Street Aid are greatly welcome.

Booking is required. Please send an email to to confirm your coming.

We are looking forward to see you there!
📌 Friday 22th November 2019
⏰ From 7pm
🌍 L’Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road CB2 1LA
 💷 FREE – All donations will be given to Cambridge Street Aid. Booking required at

Speak French and have fun!

Come spend the afternoon at the Alliance to play boardgames and speak French!
No previous experience is needed. You will see, boardgames are real fun 🙂

📌 Saturday 30st November 2019
⏰ 3-6pm
🌍 L’Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road CB2 1LA
💷 FREE – Booking required at

📌 Thursday 21st November 2019


🌍 The Gillespie Centre, Clare College

💷 FREE – Booking required

The story of the Allies landing on D-Day is a familiar one yet the story of the French people caught up in the typhoon of war is less well known. In this Liberation Literature Lecture, award-winning historian, author and broadcaster, James Holland, will be looking at the destructive toll of war on Normandy and France, why the Allies harnessed air power in the way they did, the consequences for France and the role of the Resistance in paving the way for Allied success. Following the talk, guests are welcome to enjoy a display of items from the Chadwyck-Healey Liberation Literature Collection at a reception at the University Library.


The Alliance Française Cambridge presents “L’illustration narrative, a workshop for adults about the art of visual storytelling.” This workshop is lead by the illustrator Vyara Boyadjieva.

No artistic skills needed. Only your curiosity and a black pen!

📌 Saturday 12th October 2019
⏰ 2.3pm-4pm
🌍 Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road, CB2 1LA
💷 £12

Why is French so funny? 
Most people know that French is based on Latin – so why is it not more similar to other Romance languages?

To learn why, let’s meet Saturday 19th October 2019 

MML Lecturers’ Common Room
Sidgwick Site, 5 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP

Christopher Johnson studied French & German (including 2 Philology papers) at Cambridge in the mid-1970s and, after a brief spell as a language teacher, worked for over 30 years in banking & investment, including 22 years with a French bank. Separately, he lived in France for 8 years, where he was a voluntary mentor to small businesses and is still a Town Councillor.

Come enjoy French cinema at the Alliance Française Cambridge!


A man meets a woman in Paris… Down-on-his-luck petty criminal Andre (Jamel Debbouze) has reached the end of his rope. Irreversibly in debt to a local gangster, with no one to turn to, his only solution is to plunge himself into the Seine. Just as he is perched to do so, a fellow bridge-jumper beats him to the water. Diving in, he saves Angela (Rie Rasmussen), a beautiful, statuesque and mysterious woman.

📌 Friday 1st November 2019


🌍 L’Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road CB2 1LA

💷 FREE – no booking required – limited seats available, arrive early!

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The French Huguenots

The plight of refugees is a crisis of our era, but these were the first immigrants to be called refugees…

📌 Saturday 28th September 2019
⏰ 3pm-4pm
🌍 Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road, CB2 1LA
💷 FREE – No booking required! Arrive early!

A Talk by Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson studied French & German at Cambridge in the mid-1970s and, after a brief spell as a language teacher, worked for over 30 years in banking & investment, including 22 years with a French bank. Separately, he lived in France for 8 years, where he was a voluntary mentor to small businesses and is still a Councillor in a town which was once a Huguenot stronghold and scene of a summit meeting between Queen Catherine de’ Medici and the future King Henri IV.

This popular family day out returns on Sunday 15 September!

We are busy planning another exciting route but you can reserve your place already!

Bridge the Gap Charity Walk is an annual event, now in its 18th year.
Our aim to make a difference to people in our community. We are inviting you and those you know to take part in a leisurely Sunday morning stroll through the beautiful surroundings of selected Cambridge University College grounds.
Bridge the Gap participants get to see a selection of Colleges all in one day, as well as least one extra special highlight along the route.
The walk is organised to solely help local Cambridge based charities and relies on the support of generosity of numerous companies, more than 100 volunteers and of course, the Colleges who so kindly support this event.
In the previous 17 years of this event, over 34,000 people have taken part, helping to raise over £506,000. Arthur Rank Hospice Charity and Romsey Mill, two local charities, will once again be benefiting from Bridge the Gap. Every penny raised through walkers’ registration fees, sponsorship and donations, goes directly to these two charities.
The walk starts on Parker’s Piece, Cambridge from 9.30am and follows a scenic route through the beautiful grounds of the University’s Colleges. The Society of Cambridge Tourist Guides will be on hand to share interesting Cambridge facts with our walkers.
On your return to Parker’s Piece, you can enjoy more entertainment, sweet and savoury food stalls and other activities.
Bridge the Gap is now a firmly established unique charity event in the Cambridge calendar, attracting walkers from all over the county and beyond. The route, which changes annually, is wheelchair and pushchair friendly.
We hope to see you there and please share this super event with friends and family!

Well done to our wonderful cycling Frenchies! Thank you all to have helped us raising money for Malala Fund. See you next summer for a new challenge!



Come enjoy French cinema at the Alliance Française Cambridge!


François, an art dealer, has no real friend. At least that’s what Catherine, his partner, says during a meal with friends. Vexed to be described as a man for whom objects matter more than humans, François makes a bet: he has ten days to find a best friend.

📌 Friday 4th October 2019


🌍 L’Alliance Française Cambridge – 60 Hills Road CB2 1LA

💷 FREE – no booking required – limited seats available, arrive early!

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What a great weekend! Thank you all for coming and see you next year

Thank you everyone for sharing this wonderful day with us!


Big Weekend 2019

We are back again this year at Parker’s Piece on the French Market Area on Saturday, the 6th and Sunday, the 7th of July 2019 !

Find below our two day programme!


This exhibition is composed of the winning entries of the International Photo Contest of the Fondation Alliance Française.

The jury, under the Chairmanship of Françoise Huguier, Photographer at the VU agency, selected 47 photographs.

This exhibition portrays people and how they dress on the five continents, thus giving us to see a broad diversity of fashion and styles. The eyes of the photographers also tell us about different looks over fashion

This exposition will be displayed at the Alliance Française of Cambridge from the 13th of July to the 30th of September 2019.

15th – 28th October 2018





Your French local charity, once again, had no limit and raised money for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity by doing a parachute jump. Thank you to all our supporters! Merci!


You can still help us raise £3000!


Please give whatever you can and spread the word to friends and family who share our commitment to support people in Cambridgeshire living with a life-limiting illness and those who need end-of-life care.
Un grand merci!


For more information, please visit this link or this one.

Join us and do something special here !

Brexit event at Alliance Francaise de Cambridge
On the 3rd December Alliance Française de Cambridge decided to tackle an important, topical subject: “Brexit from an International Perspective: Continuity in Education and Cultural Links”.

The panel constituted an impeccable balance of representation. Axelle Lemaire, French Minister of State for Innovation and Digital Affairs, Daniel Zeichner, Cambridge City MP and Catherine Barnard, a Professor of European Union Law at Cambridge University, were brought together for the event – a exceptional feat.  The diversity in background of the speakers created a fascinating discussion with each speaker bringing their unique expertise and insight.

The importance of maintaining Franco-British relations was illustrated by Axelle Lemaire.  She also emphasised their existing scale: the French language is the first choice of foreign language for English people.  Daniel Zeichner highlighted the significance of maintaining an understanding between the public and politicians.  The event was given another dimension by the presence of Catherine Barnard who provided a more factual, legal account analysing the creation of the EU treaty and explaining the different potential trade organisations for Britain such as the WTO and the EEA.  The role of Alliance Française was also underlined: stable organisations such as Alliance Française are crucial in times of political unsteadiness.  Citations from George Bernard Shaw, a glance back into the past to the European dream and the value of European workers in Britain provides merely a flavour of the gripping and thought-provoking talk.

The audience took an active role during the Q&A and utilised this opportunity to ask their questions and comment on the matter.  The role of Digital Media and potential consequences for young people were some of the questions raised.  The speakers interacted with the audience and gave advice.

L’Alliance Française Cambridge is delighted to have received positive feedback and we hope that this event will leave a lasting impression.

Anastasia Kell, Alliance Française de Cambridge