2019 Summer Intensive Class

🎓French up your holidays! Join our summer intensive class. A programme designed to support your learning journey and have robust outcomes in just three weeks.



➡️  Our  Beginners intensive programme is an engaging and effective fast track course tailored to boost your confidence and help you to progress towards a good elementary  level (A2) .

➡️  A rich and varied offer of contents and skills, with exciting immersion into French culture will enhance your language knowledge and linguistic competence. With weekly progression assessed in a final certificate of attendance.

➡️  Our pathway to a A2 level is based on the four skills (speaking, listening, writing and written comprehension) with a focus on speaking and listening and pronunciation.

➡️  Each day you will improve and consolidate your knowledge and practise a certain number of contents, a combination of grammar, vocabulary, verbs and tenses useful to manage a set of communication goals in several contexts.

➡️  At the end of each week an immersion in the Francophonie: culture, delicatessen and idioms will help you to familiarise with the French traditions together with us.

L’Alliance Française Cambridge is the official centre for French language and Francophone culture. We offer a long and effective experience in teaching delivered by native qualified teachers who are offered professional training on innovative teaching techniques and strategies. Our pedagogy is built to make our learner an active protagonist of their learning journey. Learners’ competence progression is monitored and assessed using objective exam tools, such as DELF passed papers. A final certificate is released at the end of each learning period.

Our learners’ progression and success is at the heart of what we do. Come and thrive! Enrol now! An enrolment form with terms and conditions is available here.

👉 For any further details, please contact us at info.alliance.cam@gmail.com or call us at 01223 561 854